Kho Lipe, part of the archipelago of the Tarutao National Marine Park, is the most beautiful island in Thailand where you can stay. Gecko Lipe Resorts philosophy is to give our guests the experience of living in total harmony with Koh Lipe's original and natural environment. Relax and sleep easy under the shadow of the mature trees and native plants in our little piece of koh lipe’s natural forest. Located only 5 minutes walk from both Pataya and Sunrise beaches, and just 1 minute from Koh Lipe's walking street, Gecko Lipe Resort is situated in the perfect location for you to enjoy your holiday.


Gecko Lipe Resort considers our environmental impact in all aspects of decision-making.
We work diligently to minimize our waste and conserve natural resources. Our exciting lifestyle resort thereby created a unique approach to eco-living. Relax in an atmosphere of rural simplicity combined with the comforts of the present day to experience a stay that will be hard to forget. We are proud to say “not one tree has been cut to make space to our bungalows”